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80’s 8-bit Comeback finds a New Slot to Trend In

In an age where realism in gaming is trying to progress step by step to create the most natural looking of environments and platforms, it may be surprising to learn that a few developers within the casino industry have taken 2 steps back to push their games forward. Studios such as Elk and Thunderkick are bringing back 8-bit styles and developing a whole new scope of casino slots that are wholly entertaining and innovative at the same time.

Arcade Gaming Just got Bigger and Better

Classic slots have always been there in the background of the casino lobby. Classic 3-reel fruit machines bringing the nostalgic land based to the masses but never hit the popularity list and became surpassed by the endless wave of fresher 5-reel games with 3d animation and countless bonus features. Recently casinos found in the realms of netticasinosuomi.info have seen a new influx of action, blending a mix of 8-bit graphics with a modern depth of game playing.

Elk Studios took the lead with their online slot Ivanhoe™, based on the medieval tale of the same name, it became the springboard for many older developers to take note of what success newer designers were doing with great success.
Ivanhoe™ retained the 3-reel grid format with a lush 8-bit graphics banner that played upon the trigger of a bonus feature or a win line.
The game brought 5 different bonus levels to what would seem on the surface of the game to be a bog-standard casino reel option. The game’s instant appeal was swiftly followed up by Elk’s Route 777™ which carried the same level of opportunity and excitement.

During this time Thunderkick was producing a game of epic proportions, Flame Busters™ was the Mario game of the slot world. This was 100% 8-bit and oozed everything an 80’s game had. It was unashamedly tacky but unique in its presentation where each level of the 3 x 5 grid was protected by a fireman that douse out any flaming symbols to reveal mystery icons. Add to this cube-shaped clouds, city landscapes and characters, this became the biggest release of 2017 and saw it nominated for the Game of the Year award. Flame Busters™ is classic arcade and soon as the industry saw what people were enjoying, the door for ideas flew wide open.

80’s Slots with Modern Jackpot Prizes

The payouts of these graphically cubed games thankfully don’t come with 80’s prizes, when back in the day a few thousand would have brought you a good-sized house. With today’s game you can plan an early retirement with the jackpots you can win.
Genesis Gaming released a number of games Crosstown Chicken™ and 8-Bit Intruder™ where players could get as many as 750x their bet stake on a winning line. 8-Bit Intruder™ is your typical space invaders set up with additional guided lasers to help achieve hyperspace bonuses.

The developer Pariplay went beyond all this and got the rights to the biggest deal and struck gold when being able to make slot alternatives to the classics of Atari®. Those currently made include the now vintage Pong™, Asteroids™ and Star Raiders™. Nostalgic heaven in the form of online slots is now a common feature of the best casinos online and it doesn’t show any signs of going out of fashion.